Dropcam + Nest and the Connected Home

Many incredible companies are born from rather simple solutions that solve common problems. These ideas are created by smart entrepreneurs who understand the value of developing practical products that address real, everyday troubles.

At Accel, we strive to find entrepreneurs who aspire to solve real problems for real people. Most often, this means developing a solution that fulfills an emotional need or desire, whether that is to better communicate with friends, or protect the ones they care about. And, if executed as planned, these seemingly unsuspecting ideas can blossom into products that serve as a staple in the daily lives of millions of people.

Today, we celebrate one of these companies, and recognize the entrepreneurs who brought the idea to life.

In 2010, I was fortunate enough to meet Greg Duffy and Amir Virani, who pioneered a new solution to an old, yet prolific problem. Even at such an early stage in their company, their product and vision led Accel to lead Dropcam’s Series A round of funding. Although ambitious, they wanted to help people easily protect the things they cared about at home and in their businesses, at anytime, from anywhere. Together they created Dropcam – a simple cloud-connected Wi-Fi video monitoring service with free live streaming to almost any connected-device. Through its mobile application, customers could see live video footage of their property, family and pets from any smartphone or tablet, and simply record video.

In short, Dropcam enabled an environment where people never had to be away from the things they cared about.

Dropcam quickly became a household staple as users privately shared their video feed with friends and family.

Today, after years of development and consumer adoption, Nest (an independent company owned by Google) announced that it is acquiring Dropcam. The acquisition marks a significant move for both Nest and Google. In January, Google acquired Nest, a company that, like Dropcam, sought to reinvent traditional household appliances into smarter, connected devices. And, as the Nest team noted in January, with Google comes the ability to change the world faster than most any company could do on its own. As part of this new force leading the connected-devices market, Dropcam will be part of an important network that will accelerate the ‘connected home’ market at large.

The Accel team wishes Dropcam tremendous success moving forward, and we are excited to see the many great things ahead from Dropcam, Nest and Google!

– Sameer Gandhi and the entire Accel team