Welcome Joe Beda

I’m excited to share that Joe Beda has joined Accel as an entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR). We are believers that the way developers build and operate scalable systems are going through a transformational period as they move to micro-services and cloud infrastructure. Through our travels in figuring out where these disruptive forces are heading, all roads always seem to lead to Joe.

Joe Beda

Joe Beda

It’s not that surprising given he started and served as the lead architect of Google Compute Engine and helped initiate the Kubernetes project (http://kubernetes.io). Joe is clearly a thought-leading technologist that goes far beyond just his work at Google. I have really enjoyed my conversations with Joe in the last year and we look forward to supporting him on his next steps.

While he’ll spend most of his time thinking about ideas for a new company, it’s pretty clear that his diverse experience and learnings will be helpful to our family of entrepreneurs in lots of different ways. There’s also lots of incredible talent in the Seattle area where Joe happily lives. I really look forward to working closely with Joe to get to know the folks in the Seattle technology scene and talk about ways to partner with the start-up community there.

Alright – enough from me. This is really about Joe and he goes into detail on his journey on his blog – please check it out.

– Ping Li