The Top TED Talks for Startups Founders

"Building a business can feel like it's you against the world," said Ryan Smith, co-founder and CEO of Qualtrics in a Wall Street Journal byline. "People will doubt your vision, your skill set, your age, your intelligence, even your product. Everyone will think you're crazy."

"And guess what? You are. You have to be a little nuts to do something great. Stand your ground and be resilient. Let your passion and your ideas drive you. Learn from others, take advice easily, but ultimately you need to get comfortable with trusting your gut, even when it feels like you're a lone world."

Smith's byline, titled "Welcome to the Magic Pony Ride," is a navigational beacon around the challenges every entrepreneur faces. More often than not, the most determined founders with ideas for the most common problems are those with the winning outcomes.

Today, we provide motivation of our own through five of the best TED talks for startup founders. These talks uncover the secrets behind employee satisfaction, personal and organizational success, creating a movement, leadership and the power to inspire others.

The Happy Secret to Better Work

Secrets of Success in 8 Words

How to Start a Movement

The Puzzle of Motivation

The Transformative Power of Classical Music

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