Matias Duarte, Head of Android Design on the Death of Mobile

Matias Duarte, VP of Design, Android with Josh Topolsky, Editor-in-Chief, The Verge

“Mobile is dead.”

That’s a surprising statement considering it came from Matias Duarte, Head of Design at Android. But Duarte’s point is that in an age in which users seamlessly transition from one screen size to another during their day, the idea that designers should consider mobile as a distinct category is outdated.

“Design for the user,” Duarte told a standing-room-only crowd at the 2014 Accel Design Conference in San Francisco. “Don’t design for the device.”

Sketch courtesy of Susan Lin, 

In a lively fireside chat with Josh Topolsky, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Verge, Duarte said that design will become even more crucial in the age of wearables, pointing to Google’s recently announced Android Wear platform for wearable devices. Duarte was wearing a beta version Android Ware smartwatch on his wrist. But lack-of-spoiler alert: he kept the watch coyly tucked under his jacket sleeve during his talk.

Matias shared his thoughts on everything from the hotly debated topics like:  native v. web apps, Android developer tools and the importance and more importantly the limits of flat design. 

One thing is for sure, Josh and Matias delivered a very entertaining and insightful fireside chat!