Inside the Minds of Today’s Top Tech Marketing Leaders

Last week, dozens of tech executives gathered to tackle some of the biggest challenges – and uncover the biggest opportunities – for the future of marketing.

Accel Portfolio Day

Accel Portfolio Day

In this exclusive event, more than 100 CMOs, CEOs, marketers and growth leaders gathered for Accel’s “Marketing Tactics for 2014 and Beyond.” The event, an Accel Portfolio Day, was one in a series of portfolio-only events designed to help the Accel family of companies discuss new ideas, identify trends, share best practices and gain elite access to peers within the network. Attendees represented companies across fast-growth industries like the sharing economy, customer loyalty, enterprise privacy, peer-to-peer collaboration and mobile technology.

The day was full of interesting conversations that surfaced new philosophies, including the ubiquitous drive towards data-driven decision making.

The Art and Science of Modern Marketing

Data on it’s own, however, is half of the solution. Rather, today’s marketing leaders must serve as both scientists and artists. The former, propelled by data aggregation and analysis, enables the organization to understand customer insights from product and user data. The latter, or the artist, requires the same marketer to understand user emotions and channels of influence, and tailor the experience according.

We also learned that executives demand marketing leaders who possess the unique ability to simplify complex data in order to provide intricate consumer experiences, product development and brand authentication. Panelists reiterated that the recipe for such success combines analytical platforms, quantitative data, qualitative analysis and gut instinct.

In the coming weeks, we will dive deeper into the following themes:

  • The intersection of the online and offline customer
  • The marketer’s love affair with data
  • Structuring and scaling a marketing organization
  • Tapping into customer behavior to build engagement and loyalty
  • The demand for a cross-device/cross-channel marketing strategies

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– Kobie Fuller, Partner